Premium home & pet sitter.

Fulltime inhome housesitter.
Fulltime professional.
Great homes, pets please.
Digital nomad.
Communicative, w photos. 🌱
Genuine, articulate.
Peaceful animals, please.
Tips are appreciated! 🌛
Property watcher, responsive.
I love time with animals!
I spend time with them. 💗
I love using my talents.
Short & long-term. 🌴

Rover profile.
(29 5 stars).

$125 / 1 day. 🐶

Last minute: 100% FINE! 🌴

$75 dropins, walks, $100 holidays.
$125 morning, afternoon or evening.

Ideally, schedule in advance. 🌴 For a meet and greet, book a walk. 30 minutes prior to leaving is easy. 🌿 Tips are optional & appreciated. Puppies, overly playful or extra large dogs can be extra. 🌱

Housesitting cancellations within 10 days MUST be paid in FULL. Daily, prior 3 days. 💗 Tips are appreciated! 🐶 Good leashwork. 🌿

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I am the person if you care about peace of mind, genuine companionship for your pets, and the real professionalism of the person who takes care of and loves your pets and watches over their home.My clients are people with whom I have a good time being there, who pay well, it always works out. eople who appreciate the service and professionalism I offer, and how relaxed, loved their dogs are, how communicative and responsive I am.When I housesit, I am there full time, enjoying together time. Working out, doing light cooking, and sending great pictures. Playing with the dogs, administering treats, on whatever schedule your dog, dogs, or animals like.I’m a highly experienced pet sitter, I watch over home after home, my specific methodology works where happy dogs bond with me, quickly. Dogs who are timid slowly come around and we bond deeply. I let them come to me on their schedule with the maximum focus on their being comfortable and themselves.I love housesitting, and I really enjoy my clients and their animals. I enjoy being there, I enjoy the pet together time just as much as they do. I love great dogs, I give them lots of love, love whenever pets sleep with me on the bed.

Talented pet care.

I have a system that allows the animals to be their best selves, it really works and it has five levels.Delivering high quality pet love, pet care, watching over home after home is a joy with great clients. I'm a fulltime professional housesitter, focusing on pet companionship.I give lots of love, attention, together time while you’re away. I spend lots of quality time with pets, toy or ball sessions, sending pictures & updates. Last minute is 100% fine! Scheduling way in advance is best. I put a lot of genuine care into what I do.I watch over beautiful homes and have great repeat clients whose animals I truly love. Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe. Carlsbad, Bird Rock, Pacific Beach.

Rover profile.
(27 5 stars).

Premium dog care. I enjoy together time with the animals as much as they do! Tips are important & really appreciated!

Recent: Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Carmel Valley.

May Dates available! Please inquire. Sitting in Pacific Beach May 25-31.

June Dates available! Inquire. June 2 to 6 Carmel Valley 🐕 June 22 to 25 Carmel Valley 🐕🌱

July Dates available! Some taken. Inquire.

August Dates available! Some taken. Inquire. Sitting in Carmel Valley August 4-7. I will be in NH in late August.

September Dates available! Message.

Schedule dates in advance, whenever possible.

Last minute is 100% FINE!

Cancellations WITHIN ONE WEEK MUST be paid. Tips are appreciated.

I enjoy together time & being there.

Have a nice trip.

I’m relaxed + comfortable in a luxury environment. Many clients report their animals are unusually relaxed + happy when they return. When I’m nearby, clients also schedule walks, drop ins, quality time, when they have dinner, sports events, family events, mornings, afternoons or evenings away as well as long trips. I spend a couple hours, longer with clients’ dogs, animals.I send lots of pictures + give continuous updates as needed. My methodology: I give the pets all the time in the world to sniff & get comfortable with me. I use kind talking, enforce limits. I use simple signals animals respond really well to. I show great respect for boundaries, allowing them to bond with me faster, better. My system works. Thank you for time with your loved ones.

I’m licensed in real estate, so if you can make me a real estate referrer, if buying or selling, that would be amazing. If there is ever the smallest issue, please let me know! Kindly note: I’m looking to rent or trade for a room on a beautiful property for the next 1 - 3 years in trade for pet care.

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If you have never hired me before, as an easy first step, please answer these questions...

If I have sat for you before, and if you would like to set up or inquire about another date, kindly message, below.Meet. Schedule dates. Inquire.

Kindly include your number,
I’ll text right back.

For clients who are new...Basically, what are you looking for?
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What is really good pet care, for you?
I am a fulltime pet sitter, who is there fulltime. I am a premium sitter.Thanks.I will get right back to you.

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